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Shoclef App

Shoclef offers the best of online shopping and real-time personal shopping. The app enables users to earn money, sell products and services, and buy millions of products across the world in real-time, without even stepping out of their homes or offices. The app connects buyers, sellers, entertainers, and service providers across the globe, creating a virtual marketplace and social network.

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AR Geo Marketplace

AR Geo Market Place started because of an increased need for bridging the gap between our material and digital worlds. We want to foster flawless interactions with both worlds simultaneously. Our vision is to allow people to interact in a natural way through augmented contents in their physical environment everyday. We incorporated numerous technology into this app such as facial recognition, geo location, messenger chat, and of course, augmented reality.

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Interactive Wall

Interactive Wall started as a way for businesses to dynamically engage their customers. We introduced 3D interactive images and videos in augmented reality so users can directly view these multimedia just by using their phone's live camera. We made it simple to upload, share, and view virtual board signs. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, Interactive Wall can bring customers and businesses together with the use of augmented reality and interactive images.

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Full Tutorial

Here's the full video tutorial on how to use Shoclef App:

Sign Up Tutorial

Sign In Tutorial

Go Live Tutorial

Live Shopping Tutorial

City Deals Tutorial

News Feed Tutorial

Live Channels Tutorial

Add Business and Products Tutorial

Add Service Tutorial

Settings Tutorial

Here's the full video tutorial on how to use Shoclef App: