NOVEMBER 24, 2018
Calling all #ShoclefStylists

Does it seem like EVERYONE is calling themselves an Influencer these days? Feel like your point of view is struggling to be heard through all of the noise on Instagram and YouTube? It's time for a change...

Meet Shoclef, the new retail mobile application that joins shopping with live streaming, all over the world.

Here's how it works...

Personal Shoppers Go Live, broadcasting their shopping adventures on the app. Buyers can personally engage these Shoppers to buy for them, OR viewers can ask them to pick up items while they are in stores. For every viewer that watches your stream, you make $0.20USD per minute.

A New Platform To Build Your Brand

All over the world, art, fashion, and design events are setting the standard for what's hot. If you have access, and Shoclef on your phone, you can make your mark with an international audience that is looking for the next generation of tastemakers.
Snag the latest pieces at a designer's pop up for someone across the county
Go Live with a gallery assistant to discuss their latest show
Broadcast your latest shopping haul
Style someone live
Take our users with you as you hunt for a themed event
Showcase the offerings of a design fair
Buy art for collectors all over the world who were unable to snag a ticket

When events are in your city, snag a ticket and share the experience with our users. Users and viewers will follow. And unlike YouTube and Instagram, you will always know exactly how much money you are making.

The perfect side hustle for those with style

Whether you are a personal stylist trying to expand your client base, or someone looking to make a little extra money in their spare time, Shoclef will expand your brand globally.

Aspiring fashion designers, stylists, artists, designers, professional shoppers, buyers, fashion assistants- we need YOU to take our Buyers' shopping experience to the next level. Download Shoclef for free, and give going Live a test run...

Welcome to the Shoclef Community, #ShoclefStylists