NOVEMBER 27, 2018
#ShoclefSales- How Our Platform Takes Estate Sales and Auctions to the next level

Our Shoclef community puts a premium on unique finds and special experiences- that's why they are active on a mCommerce application that boasts the ability to shop for any item, in any country, around the world. It is the ability to access these special items that drives our users, but for a segment of these users, collectables and rare finds are their passion.

Small retail shops are thriving on Shoclef, due to the ease of live streaming from their stores, and making deals while streaming. But we are also finding that niche industries can take the same advantage of Shoclef's unique Go Live functionality. We have seen an uptick in the Estate Sale and Auction spaces using Shoclef to preview sales, giving potential buyers an inside track, and expanding these companies' client base in the process.

What is the upside of Go Live to my business?

While Auction Houses are accustomed to buyers participating by phone or online, Estate Sales are locally focused, and the geography can be prohibitive to selling out a sale. With Shoclef, you can showcase smaller items that might be overlooked by in person customers, and are easy to ship (which the buyer pays for). You alway generate additional income, for every person who tunes into your live stream pays $0.20USD per minute to see what you are selling, and can claim items immediately. And just like an in person client, the transaction is completed in seconds, with the money deposited in your account the second you ship.

By going live, you can offload a significant portion of your inventory before anyone even walks into the sale.

How can I make my live stream a success?

The key to any good sale is marketing, and with Shoclef, you now have a two-pronged strategy for getting the word out. Prong One can be as simple as sending out information about Shoclef in your email marketing. Let your clients know that you will be having a special pre-sale, exclusively on Shoclef, and to participate, they simply download the app, follow your Business Page, and tune in when you Go Live.

If you want to expand the client base, post to your Business's Newsfeed, with detail and images from the sale, inviting Shoclef's community to join the pre-sale. And if you have any items that didn't get any love, post them on City Deals, and users will snatch them up (and can watch the video of your live stream to see what the items looked like up close and personal).

Don't forget that you will make $0.20USD a minute per user that tunes in- even if they never buy anything. That adds up.

Welcome to the Shoclef Community

In this day and age, digital platforms and creativity is what is needed to give your business an edge. With Shoclef, you widen your exposure and client base, with no cost to you, and no commission for us.* So the next time you have an estate sale, give a Shoclef Sale a try. Download the app to get started, or email us to help set up your account, answer questions, or strategize about how to present a professional and effective Go Live session.

Good luck!