NOVEMBER 30, 2018
Shoclef for Factories and Wholesalers

As they like to say, "Time is money." And nowhere is this more true than in business, where countless hours and travel miles are logged by clients making their way to factories to inspect products and make deals.

What if Shoclef could eliminate those business trips? And cut your payment time down to seconds?

We know you're shaking your heads right now. How on earth can a mobile app accomplish all of that?

Very simple...
Shoclef is fundamentally a two-sided marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to meet, browse, sell, and ship items all over the world. While the majority of our business is peer to peer, small businesses and wholesalers can also take advantage of our platform. The solution lies in the transparency that comes with our live streaming capabilities.

What makes us different than websites that post items for sale is our Go Live functionality. When a business goes live, they can show off their merchandise directly to customers- every angle, the dimensions, the color- up close and personal. It's not a photo, with great lighting and airbrushing. With Shoclef, what you see is what you get. To make this even more attractive as a platform, there's ZERO costs associated with going live. The app is free. It is free to live stream. There's no commission for Shoclef on any items sold when you are live. Only those who are watching you pay... and they pay YOU. $0.20USD a minute, per user. In your pocket.

While this is reason enough to utilize the Shoclef platform, our Wallet functionality should seal the deal. Because as you Go Live, and customers all over the world are tuning in, you can post an image of the item you are selling (description, cost per unit) and customers can buy right that minute. Upload the shipping receipt, and the cash is immediately deposited into your account. Not months of invoices. Seconds. Instant transactions, available to anyone who jumps into your live stream.

So ask yourself... is it cheaper for your clients to book a flight, hotel room, and rental car, to come tour your factory to inspect your products, or would they rather pay $0.20 a minute, all from the comfort of their office?

You will always have clients who will want to come in person, and go through traditional channels. But commerce is getting digital, and Shoclef is the platform that will expand your client base worldwide, and usher through transactions quickly and securely. Nothing to lose by going live...

Download the Shoclef app to give it a try, and you can email us if you have any questions about best practices, setting up your account, or strategies.