DECEMBER 4, 2018
Shoclef Was Made For Small Businesses

We talk a lot about Personal Shoppers and Businesses on the Shoclef app, jumping into a gig economy that shows no signs of slowing down. As individuals and influencers are moving from YouTube and Instagram, looking to make more money and build a new following on a less-saturated platform, Small Businesses can also take advantage of Shclef's platform. In fact, Shoclef was made for small business marketing. All you need is a tablet, and two staff members. That's it.

The Why

We think it's fair to say that everyone is sick of Facebook's algorithm. Time, energy and resources are put into creating engaging content, and the algorithm decides if it is even seen. When we create something, we want ALL, not some, of the followers we have spent time and money cultivating, to see it. And trust us, your fans want to see it as well.

No algorithms. No extortion in the form of ads or boosts. Just you and your followers.

That's what Shoclef offers you.
The application is free
There is no charge to Go Live
There is no commission on any items you sell while you are Going Live
For every minute you Go Live, every viewer pays $0.20 TO YOU
You appear in the Live Channels at the top when you Go Live
You can sell items instantaneously, and get paid within seconds
All of the paperwork is located in your account
Shipping costs are calculated for you
You won't miss an inquiry because you are chatting live with your viewers
You can post your inventory and promotions on City Deals for further exposure
Every time you go live, the video is saved, put on your profile, and can be watched by viewers after your live session stops
All sales are final, so don't stress about Returns
Worldwide exposure. Anyone can watch and buy, from anywhere in the world

The How

Like we said earlier- a tablet or mobile phone, and two employees. Press the Go Live button, and start streaming. Can you do it by yourself? Of course. But the whole experience will go smoother if one person is behind the tablet, capturing the good angles, chatting with customers, and posting images of products for viewers to claim in seconds.

There are so many occasions to Go Live, but here are a few off the top of our heads...
New merchandise sneak peak: Just got new items in? Do an after hours run down of what the public will have access to the next day.
Fire sale: Need to get rid of a lot of merchandise fast before the new items come in? Live stream a #ShoclefSale and watch those items get snapped up!
Window Display Change Over: Give viewers a sneak peek of the new design, and the creativity behind it.
It's a day ending in Y: Not a lot of foot traffic today? Go Live to increase sales.

And don't forget that you can always post items in City Deals for a little extra visibility.

Welcome to the Shoclef Community

We know live video isn't a new concept. Plenty of apps have live streaming capabilities, and a way to chat with customers. But none of these apps have the ability to sell your merchandise within seconds, securely, with the added bonus of generating income, whether or not anyone buys anything.

Shoclef is nothing but upsides for small businesses. So what are you waiting for? Download the application, post a day and time on your Newsfeed, and make a date to Go Live.

We'll be watching...

For questions or assistance with your Shoclef strategy, email us!