AR Chat

Users can see each other in Augmented Reality. They can chat with each other, make phone and video calls, and send pictures and videos.

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AR Marketplace

Locate businesses around you with your phone, or scan a product to see the current promotions for the product. Browse and buy products from businesses directly in the app.

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Live AR

In real-time, users can see the real world through their smartphone but with altered real world space. Virtual elements are overlaid on top of the real world perception.

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Business Location

Users can navigate to a business with the saved geo location. It will display how far the user is from the business

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Face Recognition

Whenever an uploaded face matches the face of the person in view of the camera, the relevant person's info shows up in Augmented Reality.

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Group Chat

You can have conversations in augmented reality with your group of friends directly in the app.

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About AR Geo Marketplace

AR Geo Market Place started because of an increased need for bridging the gap between our material and digital worlds. We want to foster flawless interactions with both worlds simultaneously. Our vision is to allow people to interact in a natural way through augmented contents in their physical environment everyday. We incorporated numerous technology into this app such as facial recognition, geo location, messenger chat, and of course, augmented reality.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome! Shoclef will make your shopping instinct a new life. What's more fun than to shop live sitting at home in your smart phone
This is a good suitable app for virtual shopping. Here you can see the product of originality and quality... Loved to shop here again and again!!!
Awesome shopping app! Shoclef app makes my shopping easy as buyer and also made easy to sell a product within the app in real time.
So far my experience has been great. They have clothes at a very reasonable price. The quality of the material is very good and it's mostly the same as shown in a live video.

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Download in Android and iOS

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