Advertise With Us

Advertising on Shoclef is a unique opportunity to reach a huge global audience in a creative and compelling way. We strategically present your brand’s message to our users in a targeted, and compelling way.

With Shoclef, we can elevate your companies products and profile visibility to targeted users, as well as positioning your brand in our marketing (email and social media) communications, and with promoted posts within the application.

Because AR Geo Marketplace shares a database with Shoclef City Deals, we can create a deeper integration of your brick & mortar store and your product. This gives your customers to have a more informative experience, increasing brand connectivity and loyalty.

The Interactive Wall has so many unique opportunities to delight and engage your current customers, and raise the in store experience. We will work with your brand to come up with distinct content opportunities, both in creative and technical execution. 3D interactive models, virtual board signs, recognition software to detect face/item/place- the possibilities are endless.

With over 95 million users worldwide, we can ensure that your dream customer is strategically connected to your message.

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