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Shoclef App

Shoclef offers the best of online and real-time personal shopping. The app enables users to earn money, sell goods and services, and buy millions of products across the world in real-time, without even stepping out of their homes or offices. The app connects buyers, sellers, and service providers across the globe, creating a virtual marketplace and social network.

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AR Geo Marketplace

AR Geo Market Place allows people to use augmented reality to find products and stores nearby, using just your live mobile camera feed. We incorporated facial recognition, geo location, messenger chat, and augmented reality.

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Interactive Wall

The Interactive Wall allows businesses to dynamically engage their customers, with the introduction of 3D interactive images and videos in augmented reality. With a simple scan of their phones, Interactive Wall can activate bonus content to excite and delight their customer base, offering bonus content, images, information, videos or promotions, in any environment.

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About Shoclef Corporation Limited

Since 2017, Shoclef Corporation has been focused on the intersection of mobile/eCommerce, global access, and cutting edge technologies. Currently, we have developed three mobile platforms that aim to disrupt the retail space. Our namesake, Shoclef, which connects Personal Shoppers, Buyers, and Businesses around the world through live-streaming capabilities. AR Geo Marketplace harnesses augmented reality to allow users to find, price, and compare prices on products, as well as quickly identify businesses around you. Shoclef's City Deals and AR Geo's Marketplaces share a database, for maximum functional utility. Finally, Interactive Wall, a partnership application that uses augmented reality bonus content to be created by businesses, and revealed within the app to users. We have several other applications in development, hoping to launch in 2019.

Our applications and platforms offer users a chance to expand their global and local footprints, increase revenue opportunities, and cater to both individuals and businesses. Shoclef and our family of applications aim to offer solutions to the fundamental problems of transparency, access, and an increased reliance on a collaborative, digital economy. Shoclef's technology allows augmented reality to turn any product or pice of content into powerful commerce and marketing tools.

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We strongly believe that each of our products has the potential to meaningfully impact our consumers’ every day lives. We are driven by the values of global connectivity, transactional transparency, and increased economic opportunities for all communities.

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Represented by team members from five continents, we are focused on a global perspective that embraces diversity, cultural accuracy, and increased opportunities for user communities. We strive to provide a quality experience for our customers in all areas- technical execution, marketing, and transaction satisfaction.

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