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How do I earn money with AR Geo Marketplace?

Any users can upload their business and sell products in the AR Marketplace.

What is Live AR?

Augmented Reality is live. AR manipulates the real world space the users sees on their phone. The virtual elements are overlaid on top of the real world to create the augmented experience.

What is AR Chat?

Users can see other users in Augmented Reality. They can decide to chat with each other, make phone and video calls, group chat, and send pictures and videos.

What is AR Business Location?

Users can see businesses is around them. They can navigate to a business with the saved geo location. It will display how far the user is from the business (i.e. 300 ft away). Businesses can easily input all relevant information to create an AR business location. Businesses can also create an AR business location based on their products.

General Questions

You can find our contact information in Settings/Support in the AR Geo Marketplace App! Alternatively, you can contact us here by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

You can email us at info@shoclef.com

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