AUGUST 5 2018
How to Be a Better Shopper

Overall, 83 percent of consumers report satisfaction with online shopping, and it’s no wonder — virtual shopping saves time and you avoid pushy salespeople. It’s just you and your computer (or mobile device, as is increasingly the case), browsing comfortably on your couch.

But despite its convenience, online shopping isn’t without its pitfalls, and you need strategy to make ripping open boxes a positive experience. Here are five tips for upping your online shopping game.

Analyze the Reviews

What better way to try out a product than to let someone else be the guinea pig? Sure, some reviews are bogus. But many are real and can be helpful. Remember: You don’t need to limit yourself to reading reviews on the site where you plan to make your purchase. Do a search for “[product description] reviews” and you often have multiple sites to choose from.

But be discerning: If, after reading the reviews, it doesn’t seem quite right for you, let it go. Once you have it at home, you’re even more likely to make excuses for why you should keep it, just to avoid packing it back up and going to the post office.